In 2017, some bookworm friends and I decided to go to Readers on the River 2018 book signing here in my home state of Kentucky. So as we started a group chat, I found out my Cali girl is writing a book. *inner squee*
We got to talking and I mentioned I use to do Photoshop back in the day, plus I had just graduated with Software Engineering degree (I like to make things), so she asked me to design her something. Now, in the beginning, things did not look so pretty – it had been about 10 years since I picked up Photoshop. But I am a determined girl, so I worked it until my brain would hurt.
As designing is fun to me, I would constantly be looking for new things to learn. So here we are now.
As for editing and formatting, well those are newer. My friend would send me copies of her books to read and go over and my OCD would make it red with corrections and suggestions. So I figured, why not? I like to read and I can usually catch things missed by editors in published books.
One day, I made a new friend via one of the groups I stalk, and we became new VBFFs as I edited her first book. She was my first person to ask me to format her book for paperback, and boy that was an interesting skill to learn, but I did it and they look amazing (I’m totally not biased or anything).
So, thus far, I try to do everything, except writing – that’s under lock and key; never to see the light of day – I have a book blog for when I have some downtime, Page Reaper Book Blog.